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Jurate created the topic: Books
Reading is a wonderful way to learn English. What would you like to read?

Books for beginners: (The Umbrella , Photo Finish....) (discovery books: weather, earth, cities, body) (discovery books: schools, wheels, eyes and sky) (The Big Story, Mulan. without audio)

For Students - Oxford Books series (Red Roses, Dead Man's Money....)

About the British people:

About the history of Britain:
(audio files for the book: )

About England

About school system and festivals in Britain in the story 'Dream Come True'

About Princess Diana:

About Audrey Hepburn:

About British Monarchs

Famous People
Famous Businesswomen
Women in Business audio (mp3) and book:

Sherlock Holmes and Blue Diamond. And other books:

British And American Festivals:

Short stories about history, traditions, free time activities

Everything about our World (food, clothes, nature, space.... )
Discovery books:
How to stay healthy :

Going Places:

Popular science books: (history of the human brain, body, psychology, health....)

A Short History Of Nearly Everything

Books about Medicine and Nursing


Selected readings for Intermiadate Level students

A collection of various books:

A Book A Day

Short stories by Oscar Wild, Princess Diana, Ghandi and other classical books for learners

Black Cat book series for learners:

Not graded English books

The stranger:

Please, play GAMES! Let's practice English online together! :)
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